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Perhaps a little on the easier side than average and with plenty of pleasing surfaces. The few unknowns could be manoeuvred around without too much trouble.

Definitions are underlined, {} = omission, * = anagram, dd = double definition

1 Posh girl joins school committee initially (4-5)
HIGH-CLASSHIGH (school) + C (committee initially) + LASS (girl)
6 Fish finger — half portion — enjoyed with bread near harbour (6,7)
FINNAN HADDOCKFIN{ger} (finger – half portion) + NAN (bread) + HAD (enjoyed) + DOCK (harbour). A type of smoked haddock from Scotland, with a surface perhaps a tribute to the humble fish finger bap.
13 Endless selection of food and drink (5)
LATTE – {p}LATTE{r} (Endless selection of food)
14 Quality prizes? The reverse (3,6)
TOP DRAWER –  reversal of REWARD and POT (prizes)
15 I worry about young man’s sexual adventure (7)
LIAISON – reversal of I + AIL (worry), + SON (young man)
16 Reveals the benefits of soaking both feet and scoots (5,1,5,4,2,5)
SHOWS A CLEAN PAIR OF HEELS – literal interpretation
18 Current Times new editor placed on list (8)
ITEMISEDI (Current) + TIMES* + ED (editor)
20 Insect trap bound to have food stuck in (8)
FLYPAPERFLYER (bound – Chambers has “A flying leap (informal)” for flyer) around PAP (food)
21 Liking head of sculpture in London gallery (5)
TASTES{culpture} in TATE (London gallery)
23 Army volunteers successfully attacked island — one in the Pacific (6)
TAHITITA (Army volunteers) + HIT (successfully attacked) + I (island), with the “one” in the definition referring back to “island”
24 Stomach health resort, meal without starters (6)
PAUNCH – {s}PA (health resort) + {l}UNCH (meal)
25 Not many are inclined to shelter on coast (9)
FREEWHEELFEW (Not many) + HEEL (are inclined) around RE (on)
28 Awesome story about soldiers mentioned in dispatches at the front (10)
FORMIDABLEFABLE (story), around OR (soldiers) + M{entioned} + I{n} + D{ispatches}
29 Old sailing vessel‘s journey on a river (4)
ARGOA + R (river) + GO (journey)
30 Talk excitedly and giggle, drinking whisky (7)
TWITTERTITTER (giggle) around W (whisky – in the “NATO alphabet”)
32 Notes expert in police state (7)
COPLAND – a police state might be a COP LAND. The definition refers to American composer Aaron Copland, of Fanfare for the Common Man fame.
34 Complaint rejected in umpteen cases (4)
ACNE – hidden reversed in umpteEN CAses
35 Shuns bands, we hear, no longer in fashion (7,3)
FREEZES OUT – homophone of FRIEZES (bands), + OUT (no longer in fashion)
38 Nun, peaceful-sounding type (9)
CARMELITE – homophone of CALM, + ELITE (type – it’s a size of typewriter type)
39 Archdeacon enters see regularly (6)
EVENLYVEN (Archdeacon) in ELY (see)
40 Display in Edinburgh, and middle of country as well (6)
TATTOO – {s}TAT{e} (middle of country) + TOO (as well). For non-Brits, this is a reference to the Edinburgh Tattoo, an annual military musical performance.
43 Cheats, untrustworthy types needing no introduction (5)
ROOKS – {c}ROOKS (untrustworthy types needing no introduction)
45 Buzzer briefly drowns high-pitched noise in dance (8)
HORNPIPEHORNE{t} (Buzzer briefly) around PIP (high-pitched noise)
47 Friendliness in most of Bohemia? No, wrong (8)
49 With energy and movement, a large fairground ride creates many different feelings? (9,13)
EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTERE (energy) + MOTION (movement) + A + L (large) + ROLLERCOASTER (fairground ride)
52 More agile bird, very lost, beyond mountain in Scotland (7)
BENDIERBEN (mountain in Scotland) + DI{v}ER (bird, very lost)
53 Fool stuck in one end of building likely to catch fire (9)
IGNITABLENIT (Fool) in I (one) + GABLE (end of building)
54 Young man welcomes Irish landowner (5)
LAIRDLAD (Young man) around IR (Irish)
55 False report about the tennis fiasco in part of Europe (13)
LIECHTENSTEINLIE (False report) + C (about) + (THE TENNIS)*
56 Look, article having been placed last by mainly right-wing publication (9)
SPECTATORSPECTA (aspect (look) with the a (article) moved to the end) + TOR{y} (mainly right-wing)
1 Lad briefly wearing flowing Turkish garment (4,5)
2 Twice contact female, about to meet (3,8)
GET TOGETHERGET + GET (Twice contact) + HER (female), about TO
3 After check, finally one wins this game (5)
CHESSCH (check) + {on}E + {win}S + {thi}S
4 Roasted food eaten by a delinquent youth (8)
ATTACKEDTACK (food) in A + TED (delinquent youth)
5 Several players notice leader of team training inside (6)
SEPTETSEE (notice) + T{eam}, around PT (training)
6 Dismissing rule for troops at the front (6,4)
FIRING LINEFIRING (Dismissing) + LINE (rule)
7 Part of America where hip man’s resettled (3,9)
8 Delivery that is dispatched from Scottish town before work (7)
AIRDROPAIRDR{ie} + OP (work)
9 He will pop round border at great speed (4,3,7)
HELL FOR LEATHERHELL (He will) + FATHER (pop) around ORLE (border – Chambers: “(heraldry) A border within a shield at a short distance from the edge”). I couldn’t categorically state that I knew the meaning of orle but it didn’t matter when solving as the definition and a few checkers gave me the answer.
10 Daughter having ‘smart chap’ put into Italian language (7)
DIALECTD (Daughter), + ALEC (‘smart chap”) in IT (Italian)
11 Round entrance to Billingsgate smell of fish about to disappear? (11)
OBSOLESCENTO (Round) + B{illingsgate} + SOLE SCENT (smell of fish)
12 Nice day with family members (4)
KINDKIN (family members) + D (day)
17 Red wine the Spanish stocked … here? (8)
CELLARETCLARET (Red wine) around EL (the Spanish). Another unfamiliar word but it sounded plausible and the wordplay was helpful.
19 Fancy nice tart I cooked? (9)
22 Completely willing to support British sport (4,4)
BALL GAMEB (British) + ALL (Completely) + GAME (willing)
25 Measure how to waste time introducing sport (4,4)
FOOT RULEFOOTLE (waste time) around RU (sport). Can’t say this expression was familiar but I wasn’t surprised to find it defined as (Collins): “a rigid measure, one foot in length”.
26 Gloss over defeat (9)
27 Training that’s made available by Kentish golf club? (8,6)
SANDWICH COURSE – literal interpretation, referencing the fact that SANDWICH is a town in Kent hosting various golf COURSEs including Royal St George’s
28 Maybe knave fled gutlessly, having pinched snazzy vehicle (4,4)
FACE CARDF{le}D, around ACE (snazzy) + CAR (vehicle)
31 Painting style in local church showing lack of restraint (12)
INTEMPERANCEINN (local) + CE (church) around TEMPERA (Painting style)
33 Stage show inevitably packed with people (11)
PERFORMANCEPERFORCE (inevitably) around MAN (people – as a verb)
36 Tom Potter is trained as an eye specialist (11)
37 Italian‘s explanation resolved missing vote (10)
41 First off, insure traveller, giving some protection in accident? (9)
OVERRIDER – {c}OVER (First off, insure) + RIDER (traveller), to give us (Chambers): “An attachment on the bumper of a motor vehicle to prevent another bumper becoming interlocked with it”. Another never-heard-of but also a didn’t-need-to-have-heard-of.
42 Real cold on Mediterranean island (8)
CONCRETEC (cold) + ON + CRETE (Mediterranean island)
44 Drunken Glaswegian maybe avoids clubs (7)
SOTTISHS{c}OTTISH (Glaswegian maybe avoids clubs)
46 Transport managers run over by van drivers regularly (7)
ROADIESR (run) + O (over) + vAn DrIvErS
48 Judge ignores jobless milling around in Greek island (6)
50 Hand out thirty-nine biblical books for Protestants? (5)
ALLOT – for Protestants, ALL the OT (Old Testament) would be 39 books (versus 46 for Catholics, 49 for Eastern Orthodox, etc)
51 Tag headless murder victim (4)
ABEL – {l}ABEL (Tag headless)

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  1. A couple of DNKs, like OVERRIDER, but not a problem. 49ac was a problem, in large part because of the enumeration; I would write the second word as two. I believe Jimbo doesn’t do these, so he’s spared yet another reference to teddy boys as delinquents. COD to 28ac for its lovely surface.
    1. I’m with Jim on this, but sadly the setter has the dictionaries on his side… eg Collins: “any tough or delinquent youth”
  2. Not as tough as last week’s,but enjoyable nonetheless.Thanks Mohn for explaining HELL FOR LEATHER which l got but could not justify.Ong’ara,Kenya.
  3. Thanks for the excellent blog which clarified a few things for me that I did not quite see when solving though I did solve the puzzle correctly. Not too difficult a puzzle overall. Chambers is referred to in some of the comments FLYPAPER, HELL FOR LEATHER, OVERRIDER: Collins (2014) also supports those usages.
    1. You’re welcome – feel free to either sign up for a (free) LiveJournal account, or even just add some kind of monicker so that we’ll recognise you next time you visit these parts 🙂 I think Collins is the principal dictionary used by setters for the main cryptic and the Jumbo cryptic but Chambers is the only one I have myself (the book and the app) so I tend to check Chambers first. If I can’t find a usage in Chambers, I’ll then try the online version of Collins and finally the online Oxford Dictionary. Like you say, though, there is quite a bit of commonality between them.

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