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With money being tight at TftT this year, unfortunately we are unable to offer this blog with any kind of Black Friday price reduction – sorry. I found this puzzle to be of about average difficulty with little in the way of obscurities.

Definitions are underlined, omissions represented by {}, anagrams represented by *

1 Sign one might be on the blink? (9)
INDICATOR – dd, the second referring to the flashing light on either side of a car that drivers occasionally activate to inform other road users that they are turning left or right
6 Rail, currently large bird (4,3)
BARN OWLBAR (Rail) + NOW (currently) + L (large)
10 Nothing attributed to wind energy (5)
GUSTOGUST (wind) + O (Nothing)
13 Friendly drink (7)
14 Note blue compound, like most acetates (7)
SOLUBLESOL (Note, i.e. the fifth note of the scale) + BLUE*. None of the usual sources highlight solubility as being a particular feature of acetates, but looking on the wider web it does seem to be the case.
15 Gas worried infant (7)
NEONATENEON (Gas) + ATE (worried)
16 Crime, the result of which ten in danger, perhaps? (8,3,8)
BREAKING AND ENTERING – reverse anagram, where (TEN IN DANGER)* with the anagram indicator BREAKING gives us AND ENTERING
17 Anything concealed by eyebrow tweezers? (3)
OWT – hidden in (concealed by) eyebrOW Tweezers. A dialect word.
18 Seat floored, we hear? (6)
THRONE – homophone (we hear?) of THROWN (floored)
20 A soldier in trouble, progressing slowly (6)
ADAGIOA + GI (soldier), in ADO (trouble)
21 Filled with notes, maybe, making you irascible (9)
CROTCHETY – whimsically, if something was full of notes then you could describe it as CROTCHETY (or MINIMY or QUAVERY etc)
23 Seductive male in the heroic novel (4-6)
25 Fail to speak after head of industry, after getting put off (11)
DETERIORATEDETER (put off) + I (head of industry) + ORATE (to speak)
29 Tolerate attitude (5)
STAND – dd
30 Joint inspiring new songs primarily, left for old musician (8)
MINSTRELMITRE (Joint, as in woodworking) around N (new) + S (songs primarily), + L (left)
31 Rather alluring, tail of skunk is black (8)
KISSABLEK (tail of skunk) + IS + SABLE (black)
34 Rival dead in tragedy (8)
ANTIGONEANTI (Rival) + GONE (dead), to give us one of Sophocles’ many ripsnorters
36 Blend recalled, like wine? (8)
37 Brave stuffing pigeon’s head in French dish (5)
CREPEP (pigeon’s head) in CREE (Brave)
39 Far from assuming where Newton’s apple fell? (4-2-5)
DOWN-TO-EARTH – literal interpretation
41 Official residence a bit like Chatsworth ends west of river (5,5)
WHITE HOUSEWHIT (a bit) + {lik}E {Chatswort}H (like Chatsworth ends) + OUSE (river)
43 Statements yet to be validated, a policeman backing our story up with data, finally (9)
APOCRYPHAA + reversal of COP (policeman backing) + {ou}R {stor}Y {u}P {wit}H {dat}A (our story up with data finally), to give us the word perhaps most often used to describe parts of the Bible that one group or another doesn’t view as canonical
45 A festival miles back in Spanish city (6)
MALAGA – reversal (back) of A + GALA (festival) + M (miles), to give the port city on the Costa del Sol
47 One’s played the fraud (6)
49 Scrap you lose in temper? (3)
RAG – literal interpretation, referring to the expression “to lose one’s rag” meaning to become annoyed
50 Emperor Nero attaching tenets to reform? (11,3,5)
CONSTANTINE THE GREAT – (NERO ATTACHING TENETS)*, for the Roman emperor who gave his name to Constantinople (now Istanbul)
52 Sideways view albeit contrary, maintained by peasant (7)
PROFILE – reversal (contrary) of IF (albeit), in PROLE (peasant)
53 Latin, or translation, being heard? (2,5)
54 Recreation that is delightful ultimately when lying back? Certainly! (7)
LEISURE – reversal (when lying back) of IE (that is) + {delightfu}L (delightful ultimately), + SURE (Certainly)
55 TV show seen by second child (5)
SPROGS (second) + PROG (TV show), to give an informal term for an ankle-biter
56 Pipe emptied lake on river (7)
TWEEDLETWEED (river) + L{ak}E (emptied lake). Chambers has: “(of a bird) to pipe or whistle”. An unknown for me.
57 Unable to pick up scent, maybe, around beginning of investigation, so quiet (9)
NOISELESSNOSELESS (Unable to pick up scent, maybe) around I{nvestigation} (beginning of investigation)
1 Keep warm on an island, taking endless cuppas? (8)
INCUBATEIN CUBA (on an island) + TE{a} (endless cuppas)
2 Dragging piece free from below, get cut (5)
DIRGE – reversal (from below) of RID (free), + GE{t} (get cut), where we need to read dragging in the sense of slow
3 Small potatoes for mash, perhaps? (11)
CHICKENFEED – dd of figurative and literal meanings, the first a term for something of little value, the second animal food
4 Gift in story books (6)
TALENTTALE (story) + NT (books, i.e. New Testament)
5 Look lively, as will the sun? (4,3,5)
RISE AND SHINE – literal interpretation
6 Tenacious type on board, fifty points to pursue (7)
BULLDOGBULL (on board, fifty points, i.e. referring to a dartboard) + DOG (to pursue)
7 Prankster in sport underneath sack (5,10)
ROBIN GOODFELLOWROB (sack) + IN + GOOD FELLOW (sport), to give us the mischievous character from English folklore (also known as Puck) perhaps best known from his appearance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
8 Ever exotic wiggles arouse too much (10)
9 Spot I drive under fast (7)
LENTIGOLENT (fast, i.e. the period before Easter) + I + GO (drive), to give us another word for a freckle or frecklelike thing
10 European opening stuff put out medal (6,5)
GEORGE CROSSE (European) in GORGE (stuff), + CROSS (put out, i.e. to annoy, edit: of course, as per Kevin below, this should be “annoyed” rather than “to annoy”), for (Chambers): “An award (instituted during World War II) for outstanding courage or heroism given in cases where a purely military honour is not applicable”
11 Drama like this gets a religious leader rather anxious, for starters (4,5)
SOAP OPERASO (like this) + POPE (religious leader) + R{ather} A{nxious} (rather anxious, for starters)
12 ‘eavenly sandwiches green, clearly! (7)
OVERTLY – ‘OLY (‘eavenly, i.e. a common/Cockney way of saying holy) around VERT (green)
19 Brazilian diplomacy in legislation delivered to the mob (4,3)
RIOT ACTRIO TACT (Brazilian diplomacy)
22 Poet claims I am producing sparkling material (8)
DIAMANTEDANTE (Poet) around I + AM
24 Nursing different part of the leg, I turned out for team (9,6)
ROTHERHAM UNITED – (I TURNED)* around OTHER (different) + HAM (part of the leg). Not a club that has achieved global fame – their most notable success being as runners-up in the 1961 League Cup Final – but something-or-other United is a common enough team name that you can either use the wordplay or think of some town/city that fits the checkers.
26 Control pet, it’s said, wild animal (8)
REINDEERREIN (Control) + homophone (it’s said) of DEAR (pet)
27 Interior of bell on flat side (6)
ELEVEN – {b}EL{l} (Interior of bell) + EVEN (flat), for the generic term for a football team, cricket team, etc.
28 Political assassin having died, rule thus lifted (6)
OSWALD – reversal (lifted) of D (died) + LAW (rule) + SO (thus)
32 Holy crib has not as much to tuck in (7)
BLESSEDBED (crib) around LESS (not as much)
33 Washington, capital city for a songwriter (6,6)
IRVING BERLIN – Washington IRVING (author of Rip van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, among others) + BERLIN (capital city), to give the composer of songs such as White Christmas
35 Seize on wonderful start (3,8)
GET CRACKINGGET (Seize) + CRACKING (wonderful)
37 I cling to some loveless drunk when the pub shuts (7,4)
CLOSING TIME – (I CLING TO S{o}ME (some loveless))*
38 Part of the skeleton absent or damaged — live without it (10)
40 Crook — with bishop holding one, God made up! (9)
WRONGDOERW (with) + RR (bishop) around (ONE GOD)*
42 It’s the lady’s accomplishment, getting down (8)
FEATHERSFEAT (accomplishment) + HERS (the lady’s)
43 Concerned with support, Arsenal or Spurs initially embracing it (7)
APROPOSA{rsenal} O{r} S{purs} (Arsenal or Spurs initially) around PROP (support)
44 Joke on bloke is caustic (7)
PUNGENTPUN (Joke) + GENT (bloke)
46 Somewhat formulaic, is establishment free from ecclesiastical control? (7)
LAICISE – hidden in (Somewhat) formuLAIC IS Establishment
48 Reportedly cold burner? (6)
CHILLI – homophone (Reportedly) of CHILLY (cold), with the definition a reference to the mouth-scorching properties of certain chilli peppers
51 Film buff wiping brow in study (5)
ETUDEET (Film) + {n}UDE (buff wiping brow)

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  1. Plodded through this at my usual pace. Having got the BERLIN of 33d, I nonetheless let my associations lead me into writing in ‘George’; it took me a while to note that the name was IRVING. ROTHERHAM UNITED must have been lying around in the attic of my memory, although I can’t imagine why. A niggle, mohn: at 10d, I’d say that ‘put out’ is the participial form (‘quite put out’), hence CROSS.
    1. Contrary to what I’ve written, your parsing is also how I interpreted it in my head – I’ll amend the blog. Thanks.
  2. Plodded through this one eventually only being held up by sticking in INSULATE for 1 down thinking of INSULA being Latin for island. Doesn’t quite parse but only when struggling to get BREAKING AND ENTERING for ages did I realise my error.
    Thanks blogger and setter.

    David (Warwick)

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