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A puzzle of average difficulty but containing enough interesting vocab to entertain. I won’t have easy access to the Internet from now until Tuesday afternoon but rest assured I will address any questions/comments then if not before, assuming a fellow member of the commentariat doesn’t get there first.

Definitions are underlined, omissions represented by {}, anagrams represented by *

1 I head past East Anglian town and drive away (9)
DISSIPATEDISS (East Anglian town) + I + PATE (head)
6 Author producing series of books after long time (5)
AGENTAGE (long time) + NT (series of books)
9 Rural British getting superior — a pain (7)
BUCOLICB (British) + U (superior) + COLIC (a pain)
13 Certain numbers of youngsters swallowing recreational drug (5)
CUBESCUBS (youngsters) around E (recreational drug)
14 Notice graduate in work following right sort of plan (4,3)
ROAD MAPAD (Notice) + MA (graduate) in OP (work), after R (right)
15 Depressed, having got put in order or rank (9)
DOWNRIGHTDOWN (Depressed) + RIGHT (put in order)
16 Expects one little boy with energy to get into escapades (11)
ANTICIPATESI (one) + PAT (little boy) + E (energy), in ANTICS (escapades)
17 Italian dish left in catacomb is broken (11)
SALTIMBOCCAL in (CATACOMB IS)*, to give (Chambers): “an Italian dish of rolled slices of veal and ham, with cheese or herbs”, with the word itself apparently meaning “it leaps into the mouth”, which brings Alien to mind in a rather unappetising fashion.
18 A time in which jolly types will get holy — a hairy situation? (6)
ARMPITA + T (time), around RM (jolly types) + PI (holy)
19 Fine-looking heavy vehicle, first to be introduced (8)
ARTISTICARTIC (heavy vehicle) around IST (first)
21 Much loved, this is missing in poverty (6)
DEARTHDEAR (Much loved) + TH{is} (this is missing)
25 Explorer in what may be tied game (8)
LACROSSEROSS (Explorer – take your pick from James Clark or John) in LACE (what may be tied)
26 One offering the benefit of hindsight on the way (8,6)
28 Naughty ripping out insides in the manner of a wild animal (5)
NYALAN{aught}Y (Naughty ripping out insides) + A LA (in the manner of)
29 Publication with record of events involving university (6)
ANNUALANNAL (record of events) around U (university)
30 Beautiful girl has one filthy place to live in — it’s not fair (10)
DISHONESTYDISH (Beautiful girl) + ONE + STY (filthy place to live in)
33 What author writes learner gets to repeat when crossing old city (10)
LITERATUREL (learner) + ITERATE (to repeat) around UR (old city)
35 French general in fix after invasion by English army (6)
PETAINPIN (fix) around E (English) + TA (army)
36 Country church with trendy bit of architecture at the front (5)
CHINACH (church) + IN (trendy) + A (bit of architecture at the front)
38 Party to get less agreement for the benefit of all? (6,8)
40 Ray helps to make this newspaper entertaining (8)
SUNLIGHTSUN (Newspaper) + LIGHT (entertaining)
42 Sheep acquired from farmer in October (6)
MERINO – hidden in farMER IN October
43 Girl with little yen so lacking in cheer (8)
DISMALLYDI (Girl) + SMALL (little) + Y (yen)
44 Expression on demon creating damage (6)
IMPAIRIMP (demon) + AIR (Expression)
47 Person given Test innings: one going in for one run (11)
PROBATIONERBAT (innings) + I (one), in PRO (for) + ONE + R (run)
50 Dorothy hides naughtily — the fellow’s to perform kitchen duty (2,3,6)
DO THE DISHESDOT (Dorothy) + HIDES* + HE’S (the fellow’s). Not entirely sure if I want to delve too deeply into the surface reading.
52 A dog trial involved one entering the ring (9)
53 Dog I poke around when it’s swallowed bit of foreign money (7)
BASENJI – reversal of I + JAB (poke), around SEN (bit of foreign money), for the small hunting dog that rarely barks
54 Words on gift tag for Edmund went well (5)
55 Important lady at the back of school coach (7)
TRAINERTRAIN (school) + ER (Important lady)
56 Cockney embraced the woman in this shrub (5)
ELDER – ‘ELDER (Cockney embraced the woman)
57 Hugo is mad, moving around foreign capital (9)
MOGADISHU – (HUGO IS MAD)*, for the birthplace of Mo Farah
1 A hard, ungentlemanly type turned up in Russian home (5)
DACHAA + H (hard) + CAD (ungentlemanly type)
2 Very small thing — to us, impracticable sadly (9,8)
3 Four men are initially undermining home cult: moles maybe (11)
INSECTIVORAIN (home) + SECT (cult) + IV (four) + OR (men) + A (are initially). A nice five-part charade. A can be short for “are”, the unit of land measurement, so the clue would also work without the “initially”, though I don’t think this abbreviation is on the legendary Times list of allowable abbreviations.
4 A conspirator ignoring us keeps quiet, using minimal language (6)
ABRUPTA + BRUT{us} (conspirator ignoring us) around P (quiet)
5 Lawgivers are body briefly after return of corporal punishment (8)
ENACTORS – reversal of CANE (corporal punishment), + TORS{o} (body briefly)
6 One cadet is upset in fighting force when the fallen are recalled (9,3)
ARMISTICE DAYI (one) + (CADET IS)*, in ARMY (fighting force)
7 Describing repurposed public building one’s upset politician (10)
EXPOSITORYEX-PO (repurposed public building, i.e. ex-Post Office) + reversal of IS (one’s) + TORY (politician)
8 Boy with appeal on the rise, going with the flow (5)
TIDAL – reversal of LAD (Boy) + IT (appeal)
9 At home daughter is bitten by dog in alcove? (3,6)
BOW WINDOWIN (At home) + D (daughter), in BOWWOW (dog)
10 Church about to have bishop taking part in intellectual activity (11)
CEREBRATIONCE (Church) + RE (about) + B (bishop) + RATION (part)
11 Reason soldier is brought in by officer, hauled up (5)
LOGICGI (soldier) in reversal of COL (officer)
12 Highland peasant in bed with rodent climbing (6)
COTTARCOT (bed) + reversal of RAT (rodent). Not a word I knew though the wordplay was clear. Chambers: “A peasant occupying a cot or cottage for which he has to give labour (Scot)”
18 Where cobbler dealing with size 12 shoes will be finally? (2,4,4)
AT LONG LAST – dd, the first literal
20 Critical, having short period for twitching that’s very bad (8)
CRIMINALCRIticAL but with the tic (twitching) replaced by MIN (short period)
22 The man’s cherishing unusual items in the agricultural museum? (9,8)
23 Literary lion takes time on a slope (6)
ASLANTASLAN (Literary lion – from CS Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia) + T (time)
24 Brains you need for such an ill-defined issue? (4,6)
GREY MATTERGREY (ill-defined) + MATTER (issue). With the third letter unchecked, this does seem to admit the American GRAY MATTER as a possible alternative answer.
27 Such as would benefit from evening exercise? (8)
UNIRONED – cd attempting to make you think of a promenade at dusk rather than the state of an item that needs to be evened
31 In time number will get prestigious award (6)
HONOURHOUR (time) around NO (number)
32 Hesitation about worker being squeezed by mean person who manages retail business? (12)
MERCHANDISERER (Hesitation) + C (about) + HAND (worker), inside MISER (mean person)
34 Awareness of family member getting left out — a line is penned (11)
REALISATIONRE{l}ATION (family member getting left out) around A + L (line) + IS
36 Conservative old boys suffering ‘ostility and slandered (11)
CALUMNIATEDC (Conservative) + ALUMNI (old boys) + ‘ATED (suffering ‘ostility)
37 Reminder to restrict writer on the banned list (10)
PROSCRIBEDPROD (Reminder) around SCRIBE (writer)
39 Short job with no enjoyment tires out singer (9)
CHORISTERCHOR{e} (Short job with no enjoyment) + TIRES*
41 A container protected by very good metal (8)
PLATINUMA + TIN (container), inside PLUM (very good)
45 Attempt to plug dribble — using this device? (6)
SPIGOTGO (Attempt) in SPIT (dribble)
46 Looking to reject one English name for old city (6)
PEKINGPE{e}KING or P{e}EKING (Looking to reject one English)
48 A meat and egg combination served up in US city (5)
OMAHA – reversal of A + HAM (meat) + O (egg), for the largest city in Nebraska
49 Look after some revolutionary candidates running (5)
NURSE – hidden in reversed candidatES RUNning
51 Unhappy Hindu’s outside, an Indian sage (5)
SADHUSAD (Unhappy) + H{ind}U (Hindu’s outside)

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  1. DNK COTTAR, of course, but (given checkers) it was pretty unproblematic. I also DNK TONE=’go well’, but. LOI CRIMINAL; I had a lot of work solving 19ac and 20d. I think I’d give the COD to 47ac; I’m assuming that the surface makes sense in cricket. (To me, nothing makes sense in cricket.)
    1. Actually I didn’t know that meaning either but it seemed reasonable when I was solving and I forgot to mention it in the blog – Chambers has “To harmonize (with in or with)”. The ODO sample usage seems like something from an estate agent’s blurb: “the rich orange colour of the wood tones beautifully with the yellow roses”.

      Edited at 2016-10-26 02:57 pm (UTC)

  2. LOI ARTISTIC and CRIMINAL.For unknown words like COTTAR,google came to the rescue.Ong’ara,Nrb.

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