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I found this one a little bit harder than average at the time, though looking over the vocab there was nothing completely unknown. I much prefer difficulty caused by wordplay rather than heaps of obscurities, so thanks to the setter for this one.

Definitions are underlined.

* = anagram, dd = double definition, cd = cryptic definition, {} = omission

1 Beef, good cut (5)
GRUMPG (good) + RUMP (cut)
4 Heading out of pub after retracting lie that’s seen through (7)
BIFOCAL – reversal of FIB (lie), + {l}OCAL (Heading out of pub)
8 Giddy member of patrol’s not caught by bedtime (6,3)
LIGHTS OUTLIGHT (Giddy) + S{c}OUT (member of patrol’s not caught). This meaning of light is probably most often seen in the adjective light-headed.
13 Delightful brothers, one stops monk keeling over (9)
AMBROSIALBROS (brothers) + I (one), inside reversal of LAMA (monk)
14 No mate of mine? (3,2,3,2,3)
NOT MY CUP OF TEA – would arguably work as a straight definition, but there is an element of crypticitudeness courtesy of the reference to the South American tea called mate
15 Decorate with paper top of ship (7)
SUNDECKSUN (paper, i.e. The Sun newspaper) + DECK (Decorate). I would probably have spelled this as two separate words but Chambers accepts either.
16 Set lines at end of episode (7)
SCENERYRY (lines) after SCENE (episode)
17 Members of department holding medicinal compound (7)
MENTHOL – hidden in departMENT HOLding
18 The selfish do it with less feeling during appearance post-lunch? (4,5,6,3)
LOOK AFTER NUMBER ONENUMBER (with less feeling) inside LOOK (appearance) + AFTER ONE (post-lunch?)
21 Favourite length of bath taken from start to finish (4)
IDOLLIDO (bath) with the L (length) moved from the front to the back
23 Roadracer designated third, maybe, to lift sporting trophy (6,3)
WALKER CUP – the third designated roadracer might be WALKER C (after walker A and walker B), + UP (lift). An amateur golf trophy. None of the usual dictionaries accept “Roadracer” as one word but I doubt that nicety will have flummoxed any solvers.
25 Allotting term to an overthrown dynasty (6)
NAMING – reversal of AN, + MING (dynasty)
26 Spurious appeal lodged by Physics unit, commonly (6)
ERSATZSA (appeal) inside ‘ERTZ (Physics unit, commonly)
28 Right choir lately dispersed, with no return expected (12)
30 Key man more uneasy in potential goldmine (10)
33 Toothsome? As it’s time for start of lunch, that’s apparent? (10)
DETECTABLEDELECTABLE (Toothsome) with the L (start of lunch) replaced by T (time). I do like the word “toothsome”.
34 Reckless fool dashed in, like those of yore? (3-9)
37 First class traveller confined to public transport on retirement (6)
SUPERB – reversal of REP (traveller) inside BUS (public transport)
39 Poet‘s outsiders from land beside river (6)
ARNOLDARNO (river) + L{an}D (outsiders from land), to give us the 19th century English poet Matthew Arnold. I didn’t recognise anything of his when I Googled him, though he apparently was responsible for popularising the phrase “sweetness and light”.
40 Bad time to sell unfinished Yuletide hanging? (9)
42 Jack has trouble getting cooler (4)
JAILJ (Jack) + AIL (trouble), to give us a slang term for a jail
43 Plain man jokes after exam to make things look good (5,4,3,6)
PAPER OVER THE CRACKSOVERT (Plain) + HE (man) + CRACKS (jokes), after PAPER (exam)
46 Rider put composer on the couch, it’s said (7)
CYCLIST – homophone of PSYCH LISZT.  Chambers has for psych: “To subject to psychoanalysis”, hence the couch reference.
47 Trainee’s not finished on retro ball dress fabric (7)
BROCADE – reversal of ORB (ball), + CADE{t} (Trainee’s not finished)
48 Crossing river, reached small caves (7)
GROTTOSGOT TO (reached) around R (river), + S (small)
50 Art school term is beginning in May (13)
EXPRESSIONISMEXPRESSION (term) + IS + M{ay} (beginning in May). The school typified by certain works of Munch, Chagall, Kandinsky, etc.
51 One who’s fond of travelling to Romania (9)
52 Advance quietly bearing drinks as lure to customer (5,4)
SALES TALKSTALK (Advance quietly) around ALES (drinks)
53 Furious driver’s last time in terminus (7)
ENRAGED – {drive}R (driver’s last) + AGE (time), in END (terminus)
54 Symbolic books reflecting breadth of knowledge (5)
TOKEN – reversal of OT (books, i.e. Old Testament), + KEN (breadth of knowledge)
1 Craftsman’s see-through phone? (5-6)
GLASS-BLOWER – blower is an informal term for a telephone, so a see-through phone might be a GLASS BLOWER
2 City, ancient one introducing prohibition (5)
URBANUR (ancient one, with the one referring back to the initial “City”) + BAN (prohibition)
3 Performance in series of long standing? (9,7)
PROMENADE CONCERT – barely cryptic cd, hoping you might think of “long standing” as meaning having been around for a long time rather than that it will involve you standing for a long time, though arguably either reading would work as a non-cryptic definition
4 Quick tips from expert in joint (7)
BRISKETBRISK (Quick) + E{xper}T (tips from expert)
5 Material for slideshow maybe covers holiday (9)
FILMSTRIPFILMS (covers) + TRIP (holiday)
6 Trick heartless monarch in flamboyant style thus? (12)
CONSEQUENTLYCON (Trick), + QU{e}EN (heartless monarch) in STYLE*
7 Dangerous post in which landlord a failure (6,4)
LETTER BOMBLETTER (landlord) + BOMB (a failure). Clever, deceptive definition.
8 Amateur on Times set aside (3,2)
LAY BYLAY (Amateur) + BY (Times or, without the misleading capitalisation, times)
9 Foodie Times reporter perhaps stuck in Greenland, gutted (8)
GOURMANDOUR MAN (Times reporter perhaps) in G{reenlan}D (Greenland, gutted)
10 Awkward love with sailors in your embrace (6)
THORNYO (love) + RN (sailors), in THY (your)
11 Figures doctor enters in advance, shortly, after a month (9)
OCTAHEDRAOCT (a month), + DR (doctor) inside AHEA{d} (in advance, shortly). The shapes of the dice used to determine longsword damage in Dungeons & Dragons.
12 Pioneer from Brazil later beaten up (11)
19 Most flattering modiste regularly stocks unnamed lines (7)
OILIEST – mOdIsTe (modiste regularly) around LI{n}ES (unnamed lines)
20 Succeed in deposing leader — close call! (4,3)
RING OFF – {b}RING OFF (Succeed in deposing leader). We need to read “close” as a verb.
22 Port’s oil platform shifting to and fro in trouble (4,6,2,4)
FROM PILLAR TO POST – (PORT’S OIL PLATFORM)* Chambers has: “1. From one state of difficulty to another, 2. Hither and thither”. I only knew the second meaning but it wasn’t much of a stretch to get to the first.
24 High point when clubs vote to accept foreign capital (6)
CLIMAXC (clubs) + X (vote) around LIMA (foreign capital)
27 Against servers using bags (6)
VERSUS – hidden in serVERS USing
29 Roaming in the main (2,5)
31 Those nearest us mention getting upset due to motion (7)
KINETICKIN (Those nearest us) + reversal of CITE (mention)
32 Insult film company’s OTT ‘Nutcracker’? (12)
SLEDGEHAMMERSLEDGE (Insult, especially in cricket) + HAMMER (film company perhaps best known for its horror films in the ’50s/’60s/’70s), and a quirky definition that fits nicely in the surface
33 Stone flag in pieces requiring two protective covers (4,7)
DUST JACKETSST (Stone) + JACK (flag), in DUETS (pieces requiring two)
35 Carpets and clothing reduced in sale? (7,4)
DRESSES DOWN – if some clothing is reduced in price, then you could say DRESSES are DOWN
36 Rocket, perhaps, old officer sent up with reason (10)
LOCOMOTIVE – reversal of O (old) + COL (officer), + MOTIVE (reason), with a reference to the early steam locomotive Stephenson’s Rocket
38 Cardinal and Canon speaking (9)
40 Looking after winger on European circuit (9)
MOTHERINGMOTH (winger) + E (European) + RING (circuit)
41 Film buff initially tours continent (8)
FANTASIAFAN (buff) + T{ours} (initially tours) + ASIA (continent), for the Disney film
44 Country eleven extremely pleased to secure win at last (7)
ENGLANDE{leve}N (eleven extremely) + GLAD (pleased) around {wi}N (win at last)
45 Airmen’s fine deferred — they’re given unlimited time (6)
LIFERSFLIERS (Airmen) but with the F (fine) moved along a couple of places
47 Jam or cake? (5)
BLOCK – dd, neither to do with food
49 Dog food without flavour ultimately (5)
TRACKTACK (food) around {flavou}R (flavour ultimately)

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  1. I associate Arnold with ‘where ignorant armies clash by night’, from I forget what. (On edit: “Dover Beach”.) I had trouble remembering him, too, or remembering the Arno, or both. Max Beerbohm has a wonderful drawing of Arnold, reproduced in ‘The Stuffed Owl’, also wonderful. http://arnoldian.blogspot.com/2012/05/caricature-poets-corner.html
    I think 28ac was my LOI; and my COD.

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  2. Error only at CYCLIST as l was torn between LIFERS & FLIERS and chose the latter.Ong’ara,NRB.

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