Jumbo 1151

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Its that time of year where the Jumbos come around that much quicker with all the bank holidays. Completely missed this one until I noticed this weekend was already 1153! Cue crossword club, printer and a quick run through monday evening. The one upside is that I am blogging completely fresh from solving, although I am not sure much sticks out in a solid middle of the road offering. There were quite a few unknown words (to me) such as ALBIGENSES, SMYRNA, PINETA, and CINCHONA, but all were reasonably straightforwardly clued to get from checkers without knowing. Quite liked the double use of potty in 31D!
1 BOW WINDOW – IN, (yar)D, inside BOW-WOW=dog
6 TASER – RE SAT reversed
9 ALCOPOP – A, L=large, C=cold, OP,OP=works
13 SITES – SUITES=sets, less U=university
14 SNOWCAP – O=old, WC=ladies, say, inside SNAP=cold spell. Def is just “covering”
15 STARTED ON – STAR=outstanding, DON=teacher, after TE(rm)
16 CHAIRPERSON – E=eastern, R’S=king’s, inside (PRO-CHINA)*
17 ROYAL ASSENT – (notary’s seal)*
18 LOLITA – LOL=laughing loudly, AT, I=one, reversed
19 DESPOTIC – CID, reversed, around E, SPOT
21 BERTHA – BERTH=place to sleep, A
25 GRUBBIER – G(asthof), RUB=problem, BIER=german beer
26 BOSTON TEA PARTY – (boy sent to)* around A PART
28 TERSE – hidden in (let)TERS E(xtremely)
29 GOALIE – A LIE=rest, after GO=shot
30 CHAMBERTIN – CHAMBER=room, T=temperature, IN=favoured, for the wine of GEVREY fame.
33 MISTAKENLY – inside MY=motor yacht, IS, TAKEN=transported, L=side of lake
35 SCANTY – ANT=worker, inside S=southern, C(it)Y
36 GROWL – GR=grey, OWL=bird
38 TREASURE ISLAND – A SURE=certain, ISLA=scottish lass, in TREND=fashion
40 BARN DOOR – (on board)* R=right
42 STIR UP – UP=in visible place, after STIR=prison
43 TRINIDAD – TRI(p)= short holiday, DAD=old man, around IN=popular
44 BEANIE – IE=that is, after BE(v)AN
47 EXPECTORATE – EXPECT=anticipate, O RATE=zero amount
50 AUTOMOBILES – A(dvance), TO MOBILE=to alabama location, inside US=american. whole is “vehicles”
53 SPIKIER – PI=really good, SKIER=sportsman, outside. Tried for a while to use AI for really good, SAIKIER anyone??
54 EDWIN – (r)ED WIN(e)
55 TRAINEE – sounds like TRAY KNEE
56 BASIN – AS=say, inside NIB=writer, reversed
57 SLANDERED – S=small, LAND=country, ER,ER = twin monarchs

1 BASIC – BA=university qual, SIC=so
2 WITH ALL DUE RESPECT – double def
4 DOSSER – reverse hidden in (d)RESS OD(dly)
5 WOODSHED – D=daughter, inside WOOSHED=rushed
6 TECHNOPHOBIA – (phone co a bit)* outside H(umanity)
7 SUPERSTATE – (perus)*, STATE=say
9 AVAILABLE – V=see, before AI=fine, LAB=party, inside ALE=beer
10 CATASTROPHE – CAT=spiteful woman, A STROP=paddy, HE=ambassador
11 PADRE – PAD=place to dwell, RE=religious teaching
12 PINETA – (in peat)*
18 LEGITIMATE – LEG IT=run off, I MATE=single partner
20 CINCHONA – CINCH=not a problem, ON=regularly, A
22 HORATIO HORNBLOWER – H(ook) ORATIO(n)=short speech, HORNBLOWER=man in band
23 GEE GEE – sounds like the GG in the middle of BEGGAR
24 BY AND LARGE – spooners untruthful pushy person might LIE AND BARGE
27 RALLYIST – I(nternational) S(ucess) T(hus) after RALLY=comeback
31 MAYDAY – (bab)Y inside MAD=potty, AY=thats right. Nice double use of “potty”
32 SCANDINAVIAN – SCAN=study, DIN=noise, AVIAN=of birds
34 ABSTRACTION – TRACTION=treatment, under ABS=muscles
39 REPRODUCE – PRO=for, inside REDUCE=contract
45 BEDSIT – EDS=journalists, inside BIT=touch, as in a bit better
46 SMYRNA – (ar)MY, inside SRN=state registered nurse, then A
48 PAISA – PA=secretary, IS A
49 AD LIB – A, LIB=liberal, after D=democrat
51 SENOR – SEN(t)=briefly dispatched, OR=soldiers

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  1. I’m not up on my Spanish history, but I didn’t think El Cid was ever a ruler; which kept me from putting in DESPOTIC for a long time. But then, this being a Jumbo, I had a long time anyway. Forgetting what ‘spiv’ means also slowed me down. I’m wondering how fathippy got PINETA from checkers, with 3 vowels to be arranged to best effect. I think I tried ‘pinate’, but it was desperation in any case. Not a kind of clue I care for.
    1. That’s a good question, and I suspect it is all about “types” of words. The “PIN” from pine was an easy start, so it was either PINETA or PINATE. The former struck me as a latin plural in keeping with the definition, whereas the latter came across as an adjective, and also intuitively the “ATE” ending didnt seem to fit with the “PIN” start, perhaps requiring the extra E for PINEATE. (In retrospect these two thoughts could also be combined by requiring the keeping of all four letters of PINE in full order.)

      Either way, it seemed at the time to be obvious, however there is no real reason why eg PENITA may not have been a possibility. As a general rule of thumb, ones gut feeling is always the best percentage play as it is less of a guess and more of a subconscious series of calculations based on all learning to date (including, I feel, stuff that on a conscious level you believe you have forgotten)

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