Indie 6255 by Monk

Solving time: 20 mins give or take

A challenging puzzle but fair as I’ve come to expect from Monk. Grid is a double pangram. Continues the current “Jewish culture” trend with one answer (to go with Canto(r), hasidim, and diaspora in various recent puzzles, plus something else in a certain puzzle last weekend). Coincidence I’m sure – the one used here helps with one of the trickier letters for the pangram. Slowed down a bit by the German scientist LEIBNITZ – haven’t heard his name spoken in ages so couldn’t use the “English name of second letter” rule to decide between EI and IE in spelling him, and guessed wrong. (Rule illustration: vowels in “Zeitgeist” both sound like name of letter I, ones in “Siegfried”, ditto E.) Part of the confusion may come from remembering the Liebig condenser.

(I’ll probably lob in a short daily Indie report until Neil Wellard’s Indie blog is live. Apologies if that contradicts any policy I’ve stated before.)

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  1. This was special, though not many will have solved it fully on the train. I was held up too with IE not EI and also by having UNSKILLED for UNSKILFUL. The double pangram did help me towards the end if the second letter had not appeared and this was why there were two nine-letter entries with five unchecked letters, I guess. Living people fully acceptable now, confirmed again here.


  2. Another trend is mathematics, not surprising given Monk’s day-job. I posted a test commentary of this puzzle on Neil’s blog wondering whether the grid was simply doubly pangrammatic or more complex.


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