If you’re looking for the Sunday Puzzle blogs….

…pleased be advised that the two puzzles published on December 18, the Sunday Jumbo Cryptic and Mephisto, are both prize puzzles with a deadline of midnight on December 31.    The blogs will appear on January 1.

Update: We have also decided to publish the blogs for the December 25 puzzles on January 1, even though they are not prize puzzles.   Our users are used to seeing them a week later, and it does take a while to solve them.

6 comments on “If you’re looking for the Sunday Puzzle blogs….”

  1. I have been trying to print out the Cryptic for Sunday 18th but it doesn’t seem to be available. I can access the online puzzle. The cryptic Jumbo is there but not the 15 x 15. It’s never happened before. Can anyone help? Maybe Pete Biddlecombe kows something about it.

    1. There was only a cryptic Jumbo on December 18. Or rather, the regular Sunday Cryptic was a Jumbo. I’m not sure what you say you are seeing online.

      1. I was sure I saw one online. But now I can’t find it so I was probably mistaken. It was a 15 x15 with the right date. Thanks for the info. Saves me looking forsomething that isn’t there!

  2. Oh, great. That gives me another week to wonder about the two words (two letters!) that I haven’t filled in on last week’s Mephisto yet. Maybe by that time I will have finally bought (the online) Chambers.

  3. And today’s Sunday Xmas Jumbo is not a prize puzzle. I’m guessing the print newspaper didn’t appear on Christmas day and so this puzzle is just online? Anyway, I annoyingly had two pink squares (and a time suitable for a geological era). Is it going to get blogged today, or will that not appear until next Sunday even though there is no associated deadline?

    1. The following puzzles will be blogged on Sunday January 1st:

      Mephisto 3251
      Mephisto 3252
      Sunday Jumbo Cryptic 1589
      Sunday Xmas Cryptic 5039

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