Dabs – We’re The Sweeney and we haven’t had any diversity training

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I never normally start a thread that might be considered off topic, so to speak, but after Thursday’s enjoyable banter about DABS and Dixon of Dock Green, The Sweeney etc I couldn’t resist posting a link to this article in one of Friday’s national newspapers. I’ve put it as a sticky for the moment to catch the attention of those who may be interested. Those of a sensitive nature should be warned that it is a satirical piece about attitudes from a bygone age.

2 comments on “Dabs – We’re The Sweeney and we haven’t had any diversity training”

  1. Most amusing, thanks jackkt, although the Positive discrimination nonsense is sadly all too true I suspect.
  2. With the nick full of chimps (Community Support Officers called CHIMPS from “Completely Hopeless In Most Policing Situations” just so nobody thinks I’m being racist!) and restrictions on using blues and twos in the jam sandwiches the Old Bill aint what it used to be. Great article – thanks Jack

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