Comment Notifications Update

This has been requested by a lot of users as something they found useful on Livejournal. From today, all commenters, unless they opt out (see below) will receive a notification email  to their registered email address whenever someone replies to one of their comments .

Comment notifications were already being sent to blog authors whenever a comment was made on their posts. Some authors have requested the ability to stop these notifications. There is now, therefore, a new Comment Notification Opt-out Form (under Account Settings) where a logged-in user can set their preference. If you do not wish to receive comment notification  emails you must check the box on this form and click ‘Submit’. This applies to ordinary subscribers for comment reply notifications as well as blog authors.

Today’s other more minor site enhancements include:

    • Upgrade to WordPress V6
    • A new Enhancement Plans page (under About)
    • Changed menus to incorporate the new pages
    • A change to the background colour from the green used on the Livejournal site to Prussian Blue
    • Removal of the “Powered by WordPress” label at the bottom of the page

If you have any problems with the site changes please contact us via the Contact Us Form under Help. Thanks.

P.S. You may wish to ensure your SPAM filter allows emails from to be delivered.

23 comments on “Comment Notifications Update”

  1. Thanks, John. Adding notifications is a welcome enhancement and will assist with keeping conversation going. The Prussian blue looks very good and is perhaps in better keeping with the general look of the site which had already been very smart from Day One of the switch. Many thanks again for your tireless dedication to the task in hand.

    1. Thanks jacckt… And with this comment you may well be the first to receive a comment reply notification!

      1. Just confirming the reply came in.

        Nothing to do with the operation of the site but when receiving notifications of reactions to my blogs earlier in the week I noticed one or two of the several dozen were treated as spam so it might be a good idea for users to check their spam folders occasionally.

      2. A little Jackkt-shaped bird tells me you are our resident tech wizard so thank you for the improvement!

  2. Thanks much John. As a very occasional locum blogger I find it helpful to get the feedback immediately.

  3. Brilliant thank you. The lack of comment notifications was the only thing I thought was a significant negative from the move.

    1. I just love the blues (Muddy Waters rather than being depressed of course !)

  4. That was quick work; thanks! This was the one improvement needed.
    On edit: I haven’t received a notification, though; there seems to be a problem at my end.

    1. Time taken to receive can vary with with device, Kevin. The same notification that took 30 seconds to arrive on my PC and iPhone took over 2 hours to reach my tablet, yet they’re all supposed to be in sync. Obviously this has nothing to do with the TfTT site.

      1. Thanks, Jack; your reply arrived almost immediately. (I’m pleased to see that the whole reply arrived, not just a notification that I’d been replied to.)

  5. Thanks, Jack! I was delighted to see an e-mail from keriothe in my inbox this morning confirming this new development.

    1. Glad to know it’s working for you, Martin, but it’s Johninterred who deserves our thanks for all this as he’s our resident techie wizard.

  6. Excellent. This was the only feature I missed from the old site. Thank you, John.

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