Championships – closing dates and more …

Dates given in the championship entry details today: 

Puzzle Published Entries postmarked no later than Solution published
Qualifier 1 Thu April 3 Thu April 10 Fri April 11
Qualifier 2 Thu May 1 Thu May 8 Fri May 9
Qualifier 3 Thu May 22 Thu May 29 Fri May 30
Qualifier 4 Thu June 26 Thu July 3 Fri July 4

So we’ll have reports on the Fridays eight days after the puzzles. Good luck to all entrants, especially those trying the championships for the first time, and those still trying to make their first final. 

Related articles in today’s paper:
Puzzlers vie for a place in chequered history 
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Unfortunately these repeat a couple of inaccuracies. First, the statement that I checked none of my answers in last year’s final.  I said this carelessly to the reporter but I was wrong and although I said so later, it was my first statement that made it into print.  I actually checked all except the last two I wrote in. Then in the leader we get the traditional stuff about “soft-boiled eggs”, though no direct mention of the debunked tale about the Provost of Eton.

4 comments on “Championships – closing dates and more …”

  1. I suppose it’s asking too much of the Times to provide a printable version of the qualifying crosswords! I’ve had to mess about copying and pasting into word and rearranging to fit onto one page.
    Ho hum
  2. It does make you wonder, when they can do it on the club website for the daily puzzle.
  3. Click on “Championship 2008” on the club page.
    A new window opens containing the crossword.
    Scroll nearly to the end.
    Press “Print” link.
    Another window opens.
    Press “Print this page” link near top of window.

    It’s the same technology as for The Listener each weekend.

    Mike O, Skiathos.

    1. Thanks Mike
      From your comments it seems that the Listener crossword has a complicated set of instructions which you have to work out before you can attempt to print it.
      The qualifier prints on two pages which is a tad annoying.

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