Times Cryptic No 28841 — Punched in the stomach, as it were

DNF, my first in many moons. I have no idea if this puzzle was easier or more difficult, because I had to solve it one clue at a time, then close the window and tend to my children who were running around the apartment as if they were chickens with their heads cut off. (My five-year-old is reading this as I type it and indignantly disagrees with my characterization.)

Times Cryptic No 28829 — Glutton for punishment

16:44. This was a solid puzzle which gave me several smiles but no problems. Why should I be disappointed with that? I’m not, and it’s not the setter’s fault, but I realized that I tend to brace myself for a gut punch on Fridays, and this certainly wasn’t that! So, as much as we all like to be made to suffer now and again, I hope you could look past that and enjoy this lovely puzzle on its own merits.

Times Cryptic No 28805 — My idea of a good evening

21:31. Often a puzzle will be obviously easy or hard. This was not one of those puzzles for me. It started very easy and I thought it might be one of my fastest solves yet. But then things got more difficult, and I don’t know if that reflects my fatigue or the true nature of the puzzle. In any case, I finished in a decent time, although some clues I didn’t fully parse while solving.

Times Cryptic No 28781 — Bravo!

15:09. Every once in awhile, a puzzle comes along that is so good that you almost can’t believe somebody created it. Like a great piece of music you can listen to over and over again, or a gripping novel you can’t put down. For me, this was one of those puzzles. I would solve one clue and marvel at the witty wordplay — only to find the setter outdid themselves on the very next clue. All I can say is, bravo.