Attention Mephisto Solvers!

As you maybe have noticed, The Times is having a little difficulty with their Mephisto puzzles.    Due to an error, Mephisto  3223 by Don Manley was posted to both the Crossword Club and The Times online site, while the correct puzzle, Mephisto 3222, was published in the physical newspaper.

This week, they will attempt to publish Mephisto 3222 online, while printing 3223 in the newspaper.

Due to this sequence of events,  we have decided to postpone the blogs for both puzzles until Sunday, June 12.   This will give everyone a fair chance to solve them, however they receive them.

2 comments on “Attention Mephisto Solvers!”

  1. Honestly, you should just blog them as they come.

    I understand you guys have your reasons for waiting for the official solutions to appear, but I disagree. The answers are out there already, and anyone who really wants to can find them.

    As an avid consumer of both these blogs and the crosswords themselves, I find a week is an annoyingly long time to discuss a crossword I’ve just done.

  2. Agree with Mr Weed, it’s often difficult to comment after you’ve done so many other puzzles in the interim. When the puzzle is fresh you are really eager to see others’ approaches, insights, misgivings etc , but with the delay that level of interest wanes!

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