And now for the new bloggers!

As everyone is by now aware, Chris has decided to retire after nearly 9 years of blogging.    Chris was one of the earliest Quick Cryptic Bloggers, starting out with Quick Cryptic 7.    That makes him the last survivor of the initial Quick Cryptic group, as Jackkt was already blogging the main puzzle and William_J_S has moved on to the Friday main.   He has certainly done a yeoman job, managing to show up nearly every week  and supply us with an entertaining and informative blog.

The new Tuesday Quick Cryptic team will consist of Merlin and BletchleyReject, blogging on alternate weeks.  They are both long-time commenters who have already contributed to our puzzle discussions, and I’m sure they’ll do a fine job.    Merlin will start on December 27, to be followed by BletchleyReject on January 3.


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