A few bits of seasonal news

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1. The puzzles on Sunday 18th shouldn’t be blogged until 1st January, as they have an extended deadline (presumably because there’s no paper on Christmas Day).

2. The online-only Christmas Day puzzles can be blogged immediately (although there’s no pressure to actually do it on the day) as there are no prizes.

3. Sunday 18th is also the 60th anniversary of the Mephisto, and the puzzle is a mildly themed version set by all three setters. Perhaps our two Mephisto bloggers would also like to team up and do a joint blog? There’s also an article about the history of the Mephisto in the paper, which has also been published on the Crossword Club. It’s available here if you have a login: https://www.crosswordclub.co.uk/article/article_view/1338/1.

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  1. Minor correction: today’s Mephisto 2938 is by a team of 4, as “living Mephistos” includes Chris Feetenby.

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