23438 – nice ‘n’ easy for a Saturday

Solving time 9:50 – which I thought was pretty good until I saw Peter’s time of 4:02…


4 S(NOB)BISH – Bish was a new word for me, meaning a mistake (or faux pas)
11 Good clue for a 3-letter word – referring to making ENDs meet
12 Ireland the COMPOSEr, not the country
14 C(osmetic),RIMS,ON – great clue
17 Anagram of “i.e. mortal marble” – and here it is!
21 MUG rev,DR,OP
22 E(uropean),CHE,L,ON(=operating) – revolutionary is often a reversal indicator, but when it isn’t it’s normally CHE
23 INN – the river of that name starts in Switzerland before joining the Danube in Germany
24 More intricate than I thought at first glance. I wrote in the answer assuming it was an anagram of “e.g. into cello” without really reading the clue. Actually it’s NOTE reversed, followed by EG inside a jumble of CELLO
26 ROAD(“rowed”),TEST – the river Test is in Hampshire, one of the best trout streams in the country apparently.


2 R.U.,T – pretty straightforward, but I thought I’d just mention for beginners that if a crossword setter puts the word “sport” in a clue about 90% of the time he means R.U.
5 N,E,W,S,CONFERENCE – another example of the cryptic indications seeming to be in the wrong order
6 BARRIE,R – i.e. J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan
9 A more refined version of the “GGSE” clue
16 This is actually a definition-only clue – the Chambers entry for BLENHEIM says “a kind of spaniel named after the Duke of Marlborough’s country house in Oxfordshire”
18 Not sure how this goes together – there’s ES (French “art” as in tu es=thou art) inside EARNT (but that means “made money”), and nothing to suggest that one should go inside the other. What am I missing?
20 UGLI,ER – the ugli is a cross between a grapefruit, a Seville orange and a tangerine, and is ugly to look at.

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  1. Thou art making money = Thou earnest.
    No French needed here, just a bit of archaic English.
  2. How to remember the INN (maybe):
    Innsbruck is in its valley, and if I’m remembering my German right, just means ‘bridge over the Inn’ (the river visits Austria too).
  3. 1a Fighting in street happening in many places = ST RIFE
    10a (Writer even I)* misrepresented as questioning journalist = INTERVIEWER
    15a Battle with organised group that shows commitment to union = ENGAGEMENT RING
    27a Position of speaker combining power with hatred = P ODIUM
    7d (As sentinel I)* could be dispensible = INESSENTIAL
    8d Not exposing corporal punishment = HIDING
    13d Crazed condition in which one feels great = MEGALOMANIA
    19d Play a game with counters = OTHELLO (DD)
    25d Man giving a little SamuEL Instruction = ELI (Hidden answer but also Eli was Samuel’s teacher in the OT. Eli can be clued as “Priest” when “eli” is used in a longer word)

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